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Art Exhibition Lighting and Control Solutions

Time:2018-03-24 Views:190
The central task of the exhibition is to carry out the effective information dissemination of the exhibits, so the lighting design of the exhibition should be sudden.
The image of the exhibits, usually a exhibit has three basic attributes, such as shape, color and texture. In the lighting design of the exhibition
The first thing to solve is the reasonable brightness, so that visitors can clearly see the features of the exhibits and the brightness of the light.
Control in the scope of human vision, high brightness or expression is not conducive to display of exhibits; second lighting design
To foil the color of the exhibits, the color of the exhibition must be effectively controlled. Try to achieve the same color with the image of the exhibits.
The same exhibits texture to light, each of the exhibits are made of different materials, has its own texture and texture, light
In the light of light design, we must fully understand the material composition of the exhibits, design different lighting according to different materials to highlight the exhibits.
The quality of the body is for the purpose. Only in this way can the lighting effect of light and exhibits be combined to effectively spread the information of the exhibits.
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